Tiffany Taylor on

A doll that could be brunette or blonde. Just twist the hair on top of her head to change from one to the other. The song Tiffany Taylor (whistle) she's what you want her to be, a pretty brunette-a withery blonde...something like that. Feel free to correct me. She was a doll with a head that turned so she could be a blond and a brunette...she had a boyfriend..big muscular eric and a penthouse....she was the coolest doll "Tiffany Taylor (wolf whistle)she's what you want her to be. A pretty brunette, a willowy blonde..(wolf whistle)she's fun by the sea" (the tv commercial jingle) Turn the top of her head to go from blonde to brunette and set her in the sun to get a tan! It was a doll that was similar to barbie, but stood approx. 14 inches tall, and when you turned her head she could have blonde or brunette hair. She had a sparkly dress.

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