Timey Tell on

I believe the doll's name was Timey Tell and she wore a wrist watch for telling time. I also remember Romper Stompers; Klick Klacks, Electronic Detective-a game. made by mattel, this doll is a toddler type doll that stands 17 inches tall. i don't remember this doll from when i was growing up. but as an adult, i am the proud owner of one. what i do know about this doll is that she came with a child sized pink watch and alot of doll sized accessories, like a tea pot, sugar bowl, tea cups, toothbrush, toothpaste, fork, spoon, plate and bowl (i think) and maybe some other things like a ring toss game peg and rings??? the doll has light blonde hair with bangs. she has straight forward looking blue eyes. she originally came with a white mini dress that had little clock faces on it with hot pink colored sleeves, and hot pink plastic shoes. she has a vinyl head, arms, and legs, and a hard plastic body. on her left wrist she had a watch that you could change the time on, and when you changed the time on her watch and pulled her talking ring, she would tell you the time on her watch and suggest an activity, like, "it's 3 o'clock, time to brush my teeth." i don't know much else about this doll other than what i have learned on ebay, she is the same type and size of doll as "hi dottie" "peachy and her puppets" and the "1969 reissued chatty cathy" dolls. This was my favorite doll in 1972. She had a pink watch and "mommy" got one too. When you turned her watch to different times and pulled her string she would say things like "12:00, time to eat lunch". She also had pink plastic accessories so you could feed her and give her a nap etc.

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