U-Drive-It on

Oh, Lord, did I play the hell out of this! When you're a little kid and can't drive a real car, this is the next-best thing. My parents found one at a garage sale and it worked. I covered many miles with this on the dining-room table. (Naturally, I had to take it apart temporarily to see how it worked.) A driving You could say it was a pre-video game type of driving game. The main part of the toy, which sat on a table, consisted of a car dashboard. Just beyond the dashboard and attached to the steering wheel was a little car that could be 'driven' on the cardboard (yes, cardboard!) picture of roads. The cardboard had two sides--one side was the country; the other was the city. Also, a cord witht the gas pedal was attached to the main part of the toy. The gas pedal was placed on the floor. (What a fun site--seeing all these toys brings back a lot of great memories! Thanks!) A cool sim-driving toy which was placed on a table top, the "accelerator" pedal of which was placed on the floor, and featured a "dashboard" in front complete with steering wheel. The top would boast a cardboard representation of a little town with streets (which could be flipped over for another scene) and a little plastic car with a magnet mounted underneath was then "driven" around the streets. Below the cardboard was a magnet attached to a chain connected to the steering mechanism. It was battery-powered and the speed of the car could be varied by the use of the pedal. It was the next best thing to actually driving! This was the toy of all toys. I didn't get one which is probably why I have such emotional issues to this day. Basically it was a car that ran along a road on a board that you controlled with a steering wheel. Kinda like what Super N64 has now. You can find it on ebay.

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