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In the early '70s, Mattel introduced a helicopter that was controlled by a wired remote control. He helicopter was attached onto an arm, that was attached onto a base. It would go around in a circle, and with the remote you could lower the 'copter' to pick up stuff. A remote controlled helicopter that flew on a rod and pcked up obstacles with a hook. VertiBird A small helicopter that really flew. It was connected to a base by a tether that contained the drive wire. A set of controls just out of the flight path allowed you to control the speed of the rotor and fly forward, backward or hover. It's available again under the name "Chopper Command"! Small helicopter hooked to controller by wire. Real chopper blade propeller with realistic controller. Great fun! A neat little toy, Vertibird was a helicopter connected to a kind of crane that you would use to fly the copter around. This was a toy helicopter that would really fly--if only in circles. You could rescue men at sea or swoop down and pick up the bad guys in a police chase. Vertibird is a helicopter toy from Mattel. It went around in circles on the floor while you controlled it movements. You could hover and pick up cars, plastic people and more. It came out in various versions, including a styrofoam military ship. It was a lot of fun. It took twenty years, but in 2000, someone finally came out with a similar toy cand called it Chopper Command. Verty Bird Air Police Was a helicopter that flew around on a stand and you could make it pick up cars or bad people. VirtiBird Control a Helicopter with forward and reverse, as well as Throttle controls. The helicopter was at the end of a thin plastic tube witch contained a spining wire that powered the rotor blades. It came with a hook to pick up Police items that came with the toy.

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