Water Wiggle on

The Water Wiggle attached to an ordinary garden hose with the idea that you turned on the water and this toy which really was a bright yellow plastic tubing topped by a cartoonish head would playfully get you wet while wiggling on your driveway. But it really was an amazingly dangerous toy which would literally go slam dancing into every kid who happened to be nearby. It would literally beat the heck out of you. Being a funny looking fat kid with 3 brothers, we absolutely loved it and eagerly looked forward to any unsuspecting neighbor kids who got too close to it on full blast. It literally could smack you in the nose and make a solid bleeder of anybody. Circa 1970. A plastic head that attached to your garden hose and flopped around and skeeted water on you. Pulled off shelves for wrapping around kids and drowning them. Also you got a busted lip or black eye from the thing. You have it under slip n slide. The hose attachment device was called a "Water Wiggle". Lots of fun on those hot San Fernando Valley days. Later I believe they were banned because the top (hood?) could come off and you could die if you stuck the bent nozzle in your mouth. Go figure....

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