"You're the man now, dog!"

What it is[]

The website ytmnd.com is known for its tendency to propagate a great number of fads and in-jokes. Note that the fads almost never consist of only the elements indicated for them. Indeed, the fads could not be as popular without variation. The subject matter of YTMNDs are evolving and producing new combinations as replication continues by the second.


  • What is love?YTMND features an animated GIF clip of a sketch from Saturday Night Live with Chris Kattan, Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell with a repeating section of Haddaway's song "What Is Love".
  • It was soon followed by What is NES?, in which the clip is rendered in an 8-bit graphics style similar to those found on a game from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), complete with an NES version of the song.
  • This was followed by What is a-ha?, with the clip drawn in a style similar to the music video for the song "Take on Me" along with a clip of the song.
  • The fad was then merged with the Tiger Handheld fad for What is Tiger?. It was even mixed with the "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince spoiler" fad for What is Dumbledore?.

5 YTMND years in 100 frames

In some cases, a YTMND is framed to incorporate as many fads as possible. One such example is the "YTMND: For Game Boy" site, which features a Pokémon-like Game Boy game where elements from other fads duel to the death. This is not a fad on its own but communicates the popularity and nature of borrowing from other fads. However, it recently got a "real", functional flash game of its own.

Another is "YTMN Damacy", which involves Katamari Damacy style balls rolling up other fad images. This is combined with sound clips from other fad YTMNDs arranged to the song "Katamari on the Rocks".